Happy Holidays!

The Holidays... the build up lasts for almost 2 months... but as soon as the clock strikes midnight on December 31st it is over.  Just like that!  Over!  Nothing left but a long cold winter spent yearning for spring. (No offense to those who like a long cold winter with a lot of snow!) You know who you are... trying to hide that secret illness you have had since Halloween.  You know that little case of Spring Fever!

Does a bike ride with friends sound good to you?  A ride with laughter, stories, food and drink?  Well, here is what you have been looking for... BUT...  leave your bike at home because this isBike Without Bikes! (Also called BWOB.)


What is Bike Without Bikes?  One might think that the creation of Bike Without Bikes is a story of great legend written into the history of Madison, no, but it soon will be!  It was a group of friends, lead by Mark Pernitz, that decided they needed a reason to get together to eat and drink, so they gave themselves a reason!  Bike Without Bikes!  And so an annual tradition began.


In order to push ourselves to the best Bike Without Bikes shape we can be in, the ride schedule will once again be longer and will start in January.  BUT, as always, the last Bike Without Bikes ride is the first Wednesday Night Ride of the season.  You should bring your bike (for sure) that night!  Rain or shine our ride leader, Bill Weber, will be there!

New riders don't be afraid!  The rides will vary in length according to what you are comfortable with.  Remember long rides (a lot of fluids) may lead to soreness (headaches) and short rides… well, short rides are always safer… but are they as much fun?  Are they?  It is up to you!


There are three simple points to remember for Bike Without Bikes.


1.       You can bring your bike or even ride your bike, but most everyone is really there to eat, drink and talk smart. 


2.       The potential group of riders has gotten a lot larger over the years, if you are the ride leader it is your job to call the location and warn them (he he ... warn them!) that we

are all coming. 


3.       You must bring pictures and stories of what you have been keeping yourself busy with, we are all nosey and want the scoop!


Okay... Now imagine a drum roll!