The history of the
Wednesday Night Bike Rides
(according to everyone)


For a few years now, I have wanted to get a page together about the the history of the Wednesday Night Bike Rides.  I will start by jotting down a few milestones I can remember... 

But this group goes back way before me, so please send an E-mail with a story, and event, some dates, or anything else that we can add to this page...  After Jim's nice note, here is your chance to contribute!

2008 - New Brigham Park South ride (Gail Van Haren), New Black Earth route (Greg Ladwig)

2005 - The second "Jersey Year."  

Kay Lum and Greg Ladwig took the initiative and designed a great jersey for those who bike on Wednesday night.
Two new rides: Marshall (Ray Cox) and Mc Farland (Tom Helke).

2004 - New ride from Indian Lake towards Fish and Crystal Lakes (Jeff Archibald).

2003 - Wnbr gets its own website.  New ride from Pinnacle Health club

1998 - The first ever "Jersey Year."

Dave Hill and Murray Shukar design and coordinate the first ever Wednesday night jersey. 
Many area riders wear their jerseys to the 1999?  TOMROV event.

199x - The Wednesday schedule and cue sheets are put on the Dane County Bicycling Community page.

1994 - The Wednesday schedule is still being mailed

Origins...  I heard that this group was somehow associated with the Sierra club...  Someone tell us about that...

Please E-mail corrections and additions!