WNBR Jersey Order List as of: 20-Jun-05
8:58 PM
   This is the final list… if you are not on here and should be, please Email us immediately.
Last Name First Name Order date Size Style
1 Alexander Carol 24-May-05  Medium  Womens sleeveless
2 Allex Michael 8-Jun-05 Medium  Womens w/ sleeves
3 Allex Michael 8-Jun-05  Large  Mens w/ sleeves
4 Andrews Gregory 6-May-05  Small  Womens sleeveless
5 Archibald Jeffrey 26-May-05  Large  Mens w/ sleeves
6 Bakke Ray 9-Jun-05  1X-Large  Mens w/ sleeves
7 Beers Janice 2-May-05  Medium  Womens w/ sleeves
8 Bergey Jeff 4-May-05  3X-Large(MenOnly) Mens w/ sleeves
9 Biel Margery 1-Jun-05  X-Small  Womens w/ sleeves
10 Boehlke Lisa 1-Jun-05  1X-Large  Womens w/ sleeves
11 Braun Daniel 9-Jun-05 Medium  Mens w/ sleeves
12 Braun Daniel 9-Jun-05  1X-Large  Mens w/ sleeves
13 Brennan Patrick 1-Jun-05 Large  Womens w/ sleeves
14 Brennan Patrick 1-Jun-05  3X-Large(MenOnly)  Mens w/ sleeves
15 Brown Douglas 5-Jun-05  Large  Womens w/ sleeves
16 Burmester Dale 19-May-05  1X-Large  Mens w/ sleeves
17 Cassel Brian 10-May-05  Medium  Mens w/ sleeves
18 Cassel Brian 8-Jun-05  Small  Womens sleeveless
19 Chamut Ted 9-Jun-05  Medium  Mens w/ sleeves
20 Conway Michael 8-Jun-05  Large  Mens w/ sleeves
21 Cox Marcy 11-May-05  3X-Large(MenOnly)  Mens w/ sleeves
22 Cox Marcy 11-May-05 1X-Large Womens sleeveless
23 Davis Pat 25-May-05 Large Mens w/ sleeves
24 Dawes Pam 9-Jun-05 Medium Womens sleeveless
25 Docter Lynn 8-Jun-05  Large  Mens sleeveless
26 Dorgan Jason 11-May-05  1X-Large  Mens w/ sleeves
27 Drucker Richard 30-May-05  1X-Large  Mens w/ sleeves
28 Drucker Richard 30-May-05 Medium Womens w/ sleeves
29 Dunlavy Craig 3-May-05  3X-Large(MenOnly)  Mens w/ sleeves
30 Evert Michael 26-May-05  Large  Mens w/ sleeves
31 Fahey Rock 4-May-05 1X-Large Mens w/ sleeves
32 Fillbach Brain 29-May-05  Medium  Mens w/ sleeves
33 Frank Matt 28-Apr-05  Large  Mens w/ sleeves
34 Frank Ronald 9-May-05  1X-Large  Mens w/ sleeves
35 Franken Greg 2-May-05 Medium  Womens w/ sleeves
36 Franken Greg 2-May-05 2X-Large  Mens w/ sleeves
37 Franson Peter  8-Jun-05  1X-Large  Mens sleeveless
38 Freeborg John 28-Apr-05  Large  Mens w/ sleeves
39 Gladding Willis 22-May-05  Medium  Womens w/ sleeves
40 Gladding Willis 28-May-05  2X-Large  Mens w/ sleeves
41 Goihl Tim 27-Apr-05  Large  Mens w/ sleeves
42 Green Tim 1-Jun-05  2X-Large  Mens w/ sleeves
43 Greenfield Gerald 26-May-05  1X-Large  Mens w/ sleeves
44 Greenfield Gerald 26-May-05 Large Womens w/ sleeves
45 Greenfield Gerald 5-Jun-05  2X-Large  Mens w/ sleeves
46 Gutknecht Karl 9-Jun-05  1X-Large  Mens w/ sleeves
47 Hahn Molly 14-Jun-05  Large  Womens sleeveless
48 Hau Sharon 6-May-05  Medium  Womens w/ sleeves
49 Hau Sharon 6-May-05 1X-Large Mens w/ sleeves
50 Hau Sharon 6-May-05  Medium Womens sleeveless
51 Helfand Stuart 3-Jun-05  Medium  Mens sleeveless
52 Helfand Stuart 3-Jun-05  Medium  Womens sleeveless
53 Helke Thomas 29-Apr-05  1X-Large  Mens w/ sleeves
54 Helke Thomas 8-Jun-05  Large  Mens sleeveless
55 Hellenbrand Sue 15-May-05  Large  Womens sleeveless
56 Hellenbrand Sue 15-May-05 Large  Womens w/ sleeves
57 Henkel Jane 1-May-05  Large  Womens w/ sleeves
58 Henkel Jim 1-May-06  Large  Mens w/ sleeves
59 Hill David 2-Jun-05 Small  Womens sleeveless
60 Hill David 2-Jun-05  Large  Mens sleeveless
61 Hoffmann Mark 1-Jun-05  Large  Mens w/ sleeves
62 Hyer Greg 28-May-05  1X-Large  Mens w/ sleeves
63 Ianne Frank 2-Jun-05  2X-Large  Mens w/ sleeves
64 Jakobson David 7-Jun-05  1X-Large  Mens w/ sleeves
65 Junga Heiko 23-May-05  Large  Mens w/ sleeves
66 Karofsky Jill 1-Jun-05 Medium  Womens sleeveless
67 Kennedy Susan 2-Jun-05  Small  Womens sleeveless
68 Ketterhagen Steve 6-Jun-05  1X-Large  Mens w/ sleeves
69 Ketterhagen Steve 6-Jun-05  2X-Large  Mens w/ sleeves
70 King David 1-Jun-05  Large  Mens w/ sleeves
71 Krow Jessica 9-Jun-05 Medium Womens w/ sleeves
72 Krow Jessica 9-Jun-05 Large Mens w/ sleeves
73 Ladwig Greg 24-Apr-05 Medium  Mens w/ sleeves
74 Lord James 29-Apr-05  Large  Mens w/ sleeves
75 Lum Kay 3-May-05  Large  Mens w/ sleeves
76 Lum Kay 3-May-05 Medium Womens sleeveless
77 Lum Kay 3-May-05 Medium Womens w/ sleeves
78 Lum Kay 19-May-05  Medium  Womens sleeveless
79 Lum Kay 19-May-05 1X-Large  Mens w/ sleeves
80 MacDonald Bryan 8-Jun-05 Medium Mens w/ sleeves
81 Martinez Sharon 26-Apr-05 Medium  Womens w/ sleeves
82 McCallum Craig 7-Jun-05  Medium  Mens w/ sleeves
83 McDorman David 8-Jun-05 Large Mens sleeveless
84 Mielke Tom 1-Jun-05  1X-Large  Mens w/ sleeves
85 Miklusicak Des 8-Jun-05  Small  Womens sleeveless
86 Miller Wayne 31-May-05  2X-Large  Mens w/ sleeves
87 Mills James 9-Jun-05 Large Mens w/ sleeves
88 Miner Jonathan 5-May-05  1X-Large  Mens sleeveless
89 Mondl Jim 25-May-05 1X-Large Mens w/ sleeves
90 Mueller Richard 9-Jun-05 Large Mens w/ sleeves
91 Oja David 14-Jun-05  Large  Mens w/ sleeves
92 Olsen Gary 4-Jun-05 Large  Mens w/ sleeves
93 Olsen Gary 4-Jun-05  2X-Large  Mens w/ sleeves
94 Pernitz Mark  6-Jun-05  Large  Mens w/ sleeves
95 Perrin Richard 31-May-05  Medium  Mens w/ sleeves
96 Peter Kirk 25-May-05  Large  Mens w/ sleeves
97 Pfahler Richard 7-Jun-05 Medium  Mens w/ sleeves
98 Pfahler Richard 7-Jun-05  1X-Large  Mens w/ sleeves
99 Pires Kirstin 15-Jun-05  Large  Womens sleeveless
100 Porter Brian 1-Jun-05  Large  Mens sleeveless
101 Prochniak Mary 3-Jun-05  Medium  Womens w/ sleeves
102 Proeber Lynn 9-Jun-05 Large Womens w/ sleeves
103 Proeber Lynn 9-Jun-05 1X-Large Mens w/ sleeves
104 Purvis Robert 6-Jun-05  1X-Large  Mens sleeveless
105 Ranum Gordon 4-Jun-05  1X-Large  Mens w/ sleeves
106 Robson Barbara 8-Jun-05  Medium  Womens sleeveless
107 Schlueter Mel 8-Jun-05 Large Mens w/ sleeves
108 Schukar Murray 8-Jun-05  Medium  Womens sleeveless
109 Schukar Murray 8-Jun-05  Medium  Mens w/ sleeves
110 Schweitzer Tedd 4-May-05 2X-Large Mens w/ sleeves
111 Sessler Greg 9-Jun-05  Medium  Mens w/ sleeves
112 Splinter Roy 20-May-05  1X-Large  Mens w/ sleeves
113 Sproul Mike 7-Jun-05  Large  Mens w/ sleeves
114 Stanek Kathi 28-Apr-05 Medium  Womens w/ sleeves
115 Steger Christie 27-May-05  1X-Large Womens w/ sleeves
116 Steger Christie 27-May-05  1X-Large  Mens w/ sleeves
117 Stock Amy 8-Jun-05  Large  Mens w/ sleeves
118 Sullivan Kathleen 31-May-05  1X-Large  Womens sleeveless
119 Torgerson Vin 18-May-05  1X-Large  Mens sleeveless
120 Turck David 12-May-05  Large  Mens w/ sleeves
121 Twose Patti 25-May-05 Large Womens w/ sleeves
122 Twose Trevor 25-May-05 2X-Large Mens w/ sleeves
123 Uhrig Janice 27-May-05  Small  Womens w/ sleeves
124 Wadlington Tim 25-May-05 2X-Large Mens w/ sleeves
125 Watzke Brian 9-May-05 Medium Womens sleeveless
126 Watzke Brian 9-May-05  Large  Mens sleeveless
127 Weiler Lorin 5-Jun-05  1X-Large  Mens w/ sleeves
128 Wolff Jon 25-May-05 Large Mens w/ sleeves
129 Wood Levi 8-Jun-05  Large  Mens w/ sleeves