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In the old days, in the time before the World Wide Web, the Wednesday night ride schedule was actually printed on that paper stuff and mailed (no, not email) to people using the obsolete USPS, so money was collected to pay for stamps, copies, and envelopes.  That was good.  But with member turn-over we would end up mailing to people who didn't come to the rides.  Times have changed and a few years ago we registered our own website and went to the web schedule only.  This allows the leaders to provide more accurate cue sheets and maps and to make last minute changes if needed.  Your contribution helps to pay for web hosting and domain registration.

 If just a few bucks seems silly to put on a card, contribute $5 or $10 and then just forget about it for a couple seasons...

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 If you do not want to contribute online, you can give a few bucks to a ride leader on any Wednesday, or mail a contribution via U.S. mail. Send Email us  for a mailing address.


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PayPal is the Secure online payment processor owned by Ebay. PayPal allows us to do this shopping cart thing with little effort. You do not need a PayPal account to make a purchase. PayPal will accept a credit or debit card. I have had my own PayPal account for years with no problems. If you want to learn more about PayPal, click here  or ask at a Wednesday ride. There is more PayPal information in the FAQ section.


Q: It's 2005 and I still have never ordered anything off the Internet.  Is PayPal safe and secure?

A: Yes.  They figured this security stuff all out many years ago.  Never enter any financial information on a webpage that does not start with https: (that 's' means it is a secure encrypted web page).  You will see this during checkout.  We do not see your credit card information. We simply receive payment notification - your confidential information is only used by PayPal to process the payment.  Click here to see the actual information received when a credit card order is placed.

Q: OK, I'm ready to contribute, but one more question... This PayPal thing kinda seems too good to be true, what's the catch?

A: Actually, it is too good to be true... for PayPal.  The catch is that PayPal receives a small processing fee from each transaction for this payment service.  It is 30 cents plus a small percentage.  This is probably why Ebay paid $1.5 Billion to buy PayPal in 2002.

Q: I don't see the shopping cart when I click 'Add To Cart', what's wrong?

A: When you click on the 'Add to Cart' button, this page opens an external shopping cart webpage.  If this is not happening, you may have a strict popup-blocker.  Disable your popup blocker or hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on 'Add to Cart'.

Q: I got a warning from Internet Exploder about Active content when this page opened, what's that about?

A: XP SP2 may give a warning about active content on this page because of a little script that checks the contribution amount.  Click on the warning and choose 'Allow Blocked Content.'  Trust me.

Still confused, shoot us an E-mail.

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